Wooden Products

Quality Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery to Suit Any Occasion

Does your plastic cutlery disappoint? AceWares’ eco-friendly wooden cutlery is durable, stylish, made from all-natural materials and is completely compostable.

Our extensive range of wooden cutlery includes forks, knives, spoons, stirrers, wooden skewers, picks and more. All our wooden cutlery and skewers are made from sustainable products such as bamboo.

Our wooden cutlery is perfect for all kinds of food service businesses and events like barbecues, weddings, and parties. Not only are they sturdy and attractive, but all wooden cutlery products are biodegradable and the majority are compostable.

Check Out Our Range of Wooden Skewers and Food Picks

Everyone loves skewers on the barbecue. Our eco-friendly wooden skewers are ideal for grilling meat, vegetables or seafood. We offer a wide range of skewers including round bamboo, flat bamboo, round wooden and thick wooden skewers. All are available in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements.

For best results, all skewers should be soaked in water before grilling or placing in an oven.

Take your cocktail party to the next level with our wooden food picks. Available in a range of styles including knot picks, paddle picks, display picks and more. Guaranteed to add a touch of style and elegance to your platters, appetisers and finger foods.

Browse our selection of wooden skewers and food picks online today. Can’t find what you want? Call our friendly team on (03) 9761 4920.