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Paper Napkins – The Food Service Essential

Whether you’re providing table service, serving takeaway food or drink, or catering a sit-down or stand-up event, you don’t want to run out of napkins. Besides being practical, high-quality paper napkins can complete your table settings by providing a much-needed splash of colour.

AceWares stocks a range of eco-friendly paper napkins in a wide selection of colours. Ideal for kitchens, restaurants, takeaway service, barbecues, parties, and more, they are gentle on skin and look great when folded into creative designs.

Complete Your Table Setting with Our Paper Napkins

Be it a barbecue, birthday party, engagement,work function, or any other event, our beautifully made, eco-friendly paper napkins are a must have.Available in a wide range of colours, you’re sure to find the perfect style to give your table setting that finishing touch.

Our range of napkins are two-ply and sized 254mm x 254mm.Strong and absorbent, gentle on the skin, these paper napkins can be disposed of in your food bin or compost.

Shop Our Wide Selection of Paper Napkins

If you are in the food industry or simply have an event coming up, stock up on paper napkins today. If you have any queries, please contact our friendly team on (03) 9761 4920.