Disposable Gloves for Every Need

Whether you’re preparing food, serving food or cleaning up, gloves are essential for the food service industry. Regardless of what task you’re carrying out, AceWares has a range of disposable gloves perfectly suited to every facet of the food service industry.

But it doesn’t end there. We offer disposable gloves suited to a variety of industries including healthcare, cleaning and janitorial, education, tattooing and more.

Since we offer a range of disposable gloves designed for a variety of tasks it’s important to understand what kind of glove is best suited to your purpose. Are you preparing food and handling raw meat? Are you handling potentially dangerous chemicals? Are you putting the gloves on and taking them off regularly? Are you handling sharps? These are just some of the factors to consider when determining which gloves are right for you.

Which Disposable Gloves Are Right for You?

Our comprehensive range of disposable gloves includes:

  • Poly Gloves: Manufactured from polyethylene, poly gloves are lightweight and latex free. They are loose fitting, allowing breathing room for your hands – perfect if you need to frequently change the gloves.These are excellent food handling gloves.
  • Vinyl Gloves: Manufactured from polyvinyl chloride, vinyl gloves are available lightly powdered or powder-free. Excellent for wet and dry barrier protection, they have a beaded cuff to ensure the gloves retain a secure fit. They are also heat resistant for those jobs that require working near a heat source.
  • Latex Gloves: Latex gloves feature a form-fitting design and are ideal for medium-duty tasks. They can also withstand hot temperatures. Be aware that some people are allergic to latex, so ensure these gloves suit your team before purchasing.
  • Nitrile Gloves: These strong but thin material gloves are resistant to oil, acids, raw meat and toxins. If you are engaged in the heavy-duty tasks, like removing bones from meat or cleaning, nitrile gloves are right for you.
  • C2 Hybrid Gloves: Manufactured from linear low-density polyethylene, C2 hybrid gloves are free of vinyl and latex. These gloves are perfect for cleaning and light food preparation. They are not medical or examination grade, but come with a durable fitting and are very comfortable to wear.

Stock Up on Gloves Today

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