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Make the Change to Paper Straws

Traditional plastic straws are hugely damaging to the environment. Make the switch to eco-friendly paper or PLA straws. The environment and your customers will thank you.

At AceWares, we offer environmentally friendly paper straws individually wrapped or unwrapped and available in cocktail, jumbo and giant sizes and a range of colours.

Our paper straws are manufactured to the highest quality and are perfect for sipping a cool drink on a hot Australian summer day. Our plant-based PLA straws are made from sustainable corn-based products and are certified to ASTM D6400 standards for commercial composting.

Besides being better for the environment, our range of paper and PLA straws are durable, will stand up to any beverage, and will not lose their shape or form. Whether you’re serving up soft drinks, slushies or thick shakes, our eco-friendly paper straws are up to the task.

Interesting Fact: If a paper straw makes into the ocean, it will start to break down in only three days.

Make the switch to paper straws today and help to reduce the number of plastic straws impacting our environment.

Order Today and Do Your Part for the Environment

Explore our extensive range of PLA and paper straws and help phase out plastic straws today. We ship Australia-wide for both small and large orders. For more information, you can reach us on (03) 9761 4920.