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Bamboo is an amazingly strong and versatile wood. It’s fast growing, requires no pesticides, herbicides or irrigation, and has a self-replenishing growth cycle, which means there’s no need to replant each season. Bamboo also produces high levels of oxygen, making bamboo plantations excellent for reducing CO2 emissions.

Our comprehensive range of quality bamboo food products includes bamboo skewers, knot picks, bamboo chopsticks, display picks, coffee stirrers and more. Every product is made from 100% bamboo and is completely eco-friendly.

Our range also includes bamboo plates, bowls and platters. Made from bamboo leaves, they are completely free from resins, dyes or any other chemical. Perfect for serving both hot and cold food and great for the environment.

These multifunctional products are also fridge, microwave and oven friendly. Browse our full range of eco-friendly bamboo products online now.

Complete Your Asian Cuisine with Bamboo Chopsticks

Is your business serving food with an Asian flair? Then you’ll need the appropriate implements. Our bamboo chopsticks come in paper sleeves available in a selection of colours. Stylish, durable, and made from sustainable and fast-growing bamboo, they are completely eco-friendly.

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